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    Sub CopyDirectory(ByVal SourcePath As String, ByVal DestPath As String, Optional ByVal Overwrite As Boolean = True) nipalraroter.tkts() Dim SourceDir. For exampl, open file \\order\myorder\ By opening a stream to the file.. . then in the response stream, send the correct mime type that identifies what is following is a PDF, then send NET Code: CodeBank: VB. Add a form and copy your pdf file in the upper most folder and use this runat=" server"> click button to download PDF file

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    Headers("X-File-Name")) Dim input As Stream = DirectCast(nipalraroter.tktream , Stream) Dim buffer( - 1) As Byte Dim bytesRead. I use a similar system, but not just for PDF files. The way I do it is to put a link to an aspx file as my table link: Hide Expand Copy Code. /// /// Add a. NET Application Using Visual Basic ยท Add a PDF File to the Project If you are using the local server, leave the location as http://localhost.

    NET Framework 4. NET WebForms. download a license. Add a "ButtonExportPng" button to the. Clear ; Response. Export ImageFormat. Png ; img. WriteTo Response. OutputStream ; Response. Clear Response. Png img. OutputStream Response.

    However, I'd make sure that the file is actually getting sent to the client properly. You can use a tool like Fiddler, FireBug or the IE9 developer tools to check the actual data sent to the client. Check if there is other content in the output sent to the client in addition to the actual PDF data or whether the headers have been modified in some way that would pre-clude displaying the content.

    You might also want to try a different browser just to see if it's maybe some IE configuration issue - IE has a bunch of options on how to display content and sometimes ignores display related headers depending on the config settings. I can find no other output being sent to the client. May 23, Add a form and copy your pdf file in the upper most folder and use this code:.

    I created the web application as you suggested. It worked perfectly. Thanks again to those who took the time to help me figure this out. If you would like to check out the results you can go to: This issue is solved! Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. ArtHandy None. NET May 20, I am trying to force the download of the selected PDF to the user's local machine. However when the code is run it returns a usless error that tells me there was an error.

    Here is the Download code I am using: End End Sub It is important that the file be downloaded to the clients local machine rather that simply send the PDF to a browser window.

    GTI Contributor. Please if the post helped you. NET May 22, It looks like in your case the latter is the case. NET Rick, Great thread. I am trying to save an excel file. And it works fine with Response. TransmitFile randomFileName ; Response. Flush ;. Rick Strahl June 28, NET You can send back anything you want but the browsers only understand a single file return. There's no way to tell the browser that multiple files are returned.

    If you need to return multiple files you should zip them and send the compound Zip file back to the client instead. NET Yeah, I guess so. But it didn't work. I guess when the page is doing a postback, it stops execution of the javascript. I have another dirty workaround if popups are allowed. Open say 5 popups. And onload of each of them, download a file. Of course the user has the irritating duty of clicking on save for each of them.

    David Bell June 29, It may be a long shot but is there anyway I can capture the file location the user chooses from the save dialog box? ScottGu's Blog July 04, May 22nd Links: NET 2. Abhay Khanwalkar July 04, NET Hi, In one of my application. Iam trying to dowload the file. I want to display a message on the borwser saying 'Download complete'. But since I change the content type for file download the message doesn't appear on the browser. Is there a way to show the messge on the browser once the download is complete.

    Rick Strahl July 04, NET Abhay - that's a common scenario for downloads and you can't do this with a straight page because you obviously can return only one response. There are ways to do this with client script though. You can perform the upload in an IFrame as a separate link and have the main page in the meantime display a 'Working' dialog which gets updated on completion.

    July 04, Ved Prakash July 05, NET Oops!! It works!!! Abhay Khanwalkar July 05, NET I did the same thing, used Iframe to download the file. Anyway,Thanks a lot. NET Forums July 05, Opening the files in an modless window. Khyati July 06, NET How to open the downloaded file in a new window instead of same browser window? Rick Strahl July 06, NET Use a Target tag in your link or form that fires the download. LarryW July 06, NET Rick, Great post.

    I am trying to use this in an UpdatePanel and can't find anyway of getting it to work. It seems as though the use of Response. Write has been banned from UpdatePanels. Any chance you can give me a fix for the problem? NET UpdatePanel does not support file uploads due to the multi-part file encoding etc. If you want do uploads of files 'independently' of the page, stick the file upload component into an IFRAME and process that separately. NET hi, this is a good post which is very helpful but i have a problem, on click of a button i have to save an excel file directly on server without showing a dialog box.

    Also i want to zip multiple file and directly save them on server without giving a dialog box. That way page will post back, but download will work. Hope this helps. DD July 11, I wish to perform a silent download of the file in the background without any under interaction.

    Any help would be appreciated. Rick Strahl July 11, NET No you cant do that. Huge security risk. You can download and show directly in the browser, a file download dialog or an AJAX type call but you can't write directly to disk. NET Forums July 12, How can I download a file - ASP.

    Craig July 13, NET Great Rick! How about opening the file in a new window? What would the syntax be for that? I'm calling a fileviewerBL which calls the fileviewerDL to get the file info.

    ClearContent Response. ClearHeaders Response. AddHeader "Content-Length" , b. ToString Response. BinaryWrite b Response. Flush Response. NET Update: We were able to solve our issue by setting a couple of session variables and using the registerclientscriptblock. Very sweet! Micheal Roger July 17, NET Hi everyone, I am new to this file upload and download, and I am running into a serious issue here. My code uploads the file properly, however, when I want to download the file, it seems to be downloading the same file over and over.

    It's really frustrating!

    I went through my code thoroughly but I can certainly use a fresh pair of eyes. Here's my code: Please guys respond as soon as you get the opportunity, Thank you. GetFileName fileUpload. GetExtension fileUpload. ConnectionStrings "BudgetConnectionString". FileName myCommand. Text myCommand. Length As Byte fileUpload. Read imageBytes, 0, imageBytes. Length myCommand. AddWithValue " attachment", imageBytes myConnection. Open myCommand. ExecuteNonQuery myConnection. ExecuteReader If myReader.

    Read Then Response. Close myConnection. Close End Using End Sub. Confused July 24, I have the code in the "SelectedIndexChange" event of a gridview object. The code works the first time you click a link, but then no links or buttons or anything work on the page until I do a refresh F5. Any thoughts? Clear ; Response. Name ; Response. AppendHeader "Content-Length", fi.

    ToString ; Response. TransmitFile fi. FullName ; Response. Flush ; Response. End ;. Rick Strahl July 24, IE caches content type information and so if you have pages that return different content types for the same page don't work right because IE misinterprets the content type of the actual data.

    Jeff Yates July 26, Very clear. I tried running this on my local server and works fine. As soon as I put this up onto our live server the result is completely different. Try again later" Quite honestly I've spent hours on this and getting nowhere, brain is jelly! I might guess that opening a new page may work but what is the syntax for that?

    Any help much appreciated!! Clear Response. SetCacheability HttpCacheability.

    NoCache Response. Write str. TransmitFile Server. David E July 30, One question though, i am programming a 'download' button, so when a user clicks i want that the 'save as' page will pop directly, i. Thanks again David. Rick Strahl July 31, NET David - that can't be done and for good reason. It'd be a huge security risk if files just started saving themselves automatically from the server.

    Jeff - I'd guess the problem is that you're writing a file out to disk and probably don't have permissions to do that. There's no reason for you to write to file first anyway. Just use Response. Write or Response. BinaryWrite to output your file content and it'll probably work. Lic August 02, NET Jeff - i had same problem and found solution. Add "Response. ClearHeaders " to your code before Response. For more info read this site: NET Hi I have seen a lot of comments and useful talk here..

    Transmit and Response. If there is Resume Support then there are no multiple connections and.. Clear HttpContext. ClearHeaders HttpContext. SubString Range. Name HttpContext. Kelly August 04, NET What if the image I want the user to download is an image dynamically generated by an HttpHandler and available only through it's Url?

    Furthermore, the image is unique to each user's context i. I don't think WebRequest. Create will work to grab a response. I don't know how to get a stream representing this handler's output. Rick Strahl August 04, If you link such an image from your page you can force it to download by maybe passing query string parameters to it that trigger the alternate return result.

    NET Wow, very nice, Rick! Can I download you a beer? Definately overlooked solution on my end. I appreciate the reply. Thanks for all your work. Nehal August 05, Rick Strahl August 06, NET No you can't change the way the dialog looks. The dialog is controlled by the browser.

    Sree August 06, I want the download to happen without showing the download dialog. I am setting the Content-Disposition to inline. Nothing comes in the screen. A blank screen comes. If i change the inline to attachment, it works by showiung the save dialog.

    I am using IE7. End ; IN IE6, this works by showing the save dialog. Any idea how to show the file without the save dialog Pls let me know Sree. Abrahams August 08, NET Is there a way of getting the ie7 information bar not to come up when one is streaming the file out via a download. Cristi August 20, NET Hi, I am having trouble with Office files getting corrupted when downloaded using this method.

    When I try to open the downloaded file, I am getting an error: Any of you guys having trouble using this approach to download Office files? Thanks, Cristi. NET Never mind, I found the issue. Thanks Rick for these kind of posts, they are very useful. NET Hi.. I have a web application ASP. The web page has a button called Export. When the user clicks the Export button, the File Download pops up, in which it has the Open,Save and Cancel Butons as in a normal file download pop-up.

    Being an xml file, the page also opens up,without the content behind the File download pop-up, When the user clicks Cancel button, the file download pop up is gone, but the xml page without the contents is still open.

    This also happens when the user has successfully downloaded the xml file Xml page is open Is it possible to close the xml page after the user clicks the cancel button and after the user saves the xml file? Please help.. Nice August 27, NET when I am trying to save an image,it is always saving the aspx page..

    The problem is with the save as option.. Can u help me? This is what I am trying to do Response. Write "imgpath" 'Response. Write imgpath Response. MapPath imgpath Response. End The imgpath variable holds the path of the image.. This path is stored in database..

    Rick Strahl August 27, NET You don't want the path - you want just the filename. The browser can't make sense out of the path and certainly won't apply it. The filename is provided only for the dialog.

    Rob August 27, NET I am trying to "automatically" save a file. The following opens a PDF in the browser. I don't want the user to be prompted; I just want the PDF to automatically save. Is there a way to programmatically save the file? Suppose the code below was in a page called generatefile. A process on the server could call generatefile.

    Since no one is directly working on the server, no one would be able to click save on the box. I could remove the mime association for the PDF and retie the file type to a custom application to intercept PDF file types, but my custom application wouldn't know how to interpret the xml since only Adobe would know how to generate the PDF. Here is the code in ASP and then below in C.

    Write responseString ; Response. Jerry Tovar August 29, NET Rick, This solves my problem and works great. But it only works on my Dev PC. In my production environment, Win2k running network load balancing with 2 web servers, this does not work. MapPath lcMyfilePath ; Response. Rick Strahl August 29, NET TransmitFile requires the file you're downloading is in path of the virtual path structure.

    If it's outside you have to stream the file. Preeti Mathur August 29, I had written a code which downloads the file, in the best of manner, now the problem i face is a bit different. After the download is completed, i want to redirect the user to some other page, but it is not possible as we stated Response. End ; I wanted to know, how to accomplish this task? Jerry Tovar August 30, TransmitFile to work in our production webfarm.

    I can display the images fine in my ASP. Net webform. But the button on this webform that performs the TransmitFile still causes a the message "Server Application Unavailable". I even tried hard coding the file name to download into the TransmitFile function, but this didn't help. Below are two examples, should these two examples work? Adam September 04, Files can be downloaded fine but I need to write to a Database after the user saves a file but dont want to write to it if they click cancel and dont actually save the file.

    Basically something like: AddHeader "content-disposition", "inline; file1. Erik September 07, NET I'm having a really weird issue using this method. Anyone have any ideas? My app allows users to attach documents and images to various things they're working with.

    The attachments are displayed in a listbox, user chooses one, and clicks View which runs javascript to pop up my AttachmentViewer. It's a blank page, here's the applicable code for the page: ContentType Response. BinaryWrite Attachment. Concat Request. NET Answering my own question.

    Saving a pdf file to SQL Server and displaying it back to VB.Net

    Still not sure of the underlying cause, but I changed the javascript from code behind RegisterStartupScript to putting it directly on the button. And that fixed it. Apparently some IE security feature. Simit kulkarni September 08, My downloading code in C is Response. BinaryWrite fileData ; Response. End ; where fileData is binary array. On my page , I showed fileNames in hyperlink or linkbutton. Now whenever User clicks on them , that file Downloads. Now problem is that , after downloading, say Open or Save or Cancel operation , if I click any other button without refreshing my Page, same Dialog box Pops up, Suppressing Functionality of that button.

    Any take, why this is happening? Simit Kulkarni September 10, NET Hi, Problem posted by me , is occurring because of my foolish mistake. What I did, is that I kept some hidden variables and set values to it , on any FileName to identify whether it is Folder So that I can show Folder's explored view.

    I checked this hidden field on each PageLoad , whether it has any value or not. Now Why i did this , rather than handling onClick event on ServerSide is long story. I need to do it due to dynamic generation of controls. So , on any next Postback , About said checking always yields true, Same functionality of Showing download popup box executes. Now , I cleared that hidden field on each Postback in javascript , other than above said Click.

    Sanjoy Das September 11, I want to download this with VB. How is it possible? Jack September 14, I am using hyperlink control. On that i have given link of couple of document and i want that when link is click that document get open. But right now that document is also downloadable. I dont want that some one can download my document. So can any one help me regarding this issue. Peter September 16, NET I'm new to all this. I have only used asp once in the 5 months that I've been fumbling around with the web.

    I would like to raise the open save dialog box when a link is clicked but I don't know how the "transmitFile" code is being used. Jayanth September 19, NET I have written code for open a file from repeater link. The problem is Source code or HTML content is also appending with that file when we try to open the file. It is happening only for text file. Can any one please help me about this.

    Thanks, Jayanth. FixSQL e. CommandArgument Response. NET 7. NET I am trying this example with an xls file. The problem is that when I open the file before or after saving , all the actual file is appended inside a cell of the xls file in raw format. JS September 26, I tried the solution proposed by Lic on August 4th, add Response. ClearHeaders before the Response. End , but it did not work. My Error is the same: Try again later" When I add the Response. With Response. WriteFile objTargetFile.

    FullName End With testBox. Simit Kulkarni October 09, Here is my Download code, in ASP. End ; Where fileData is binary Array and fileName is name of file. Now for "English" file name , there is no problem of encoding. But , when file Name is in "Japanese" , some encoding problem arises.

    I receive this fileName from database, which is in UTF-8 encoding. Even this Japanese fileName is displayed properly on screen, in a listing which shows fileName and their size. For Screen , encoding is set to UTF To tackel this problem, I tried by setting Response. Pls can u help me?

    I Don't know how to set encoding in Response. AddHeader while showing fileName. Melina October 11, NET application to upload files on our server. Once the file s are uploaded and email is sent out containing a link to the file location. The email's body is a variable of string type and the link used inside the string is a regular html anchor tag as follow: Rick Strahl October 11, NET The way the file is displayed in browser or Save As is determined by the server, not the client so if you want both behaviors based on the situation or user choices you have to parameterize the URL.

    Pass a query string that gives you a hint how to serve the content. Raj Sharma October 17, NET the problem is that i require full path instead of Filename when user click on the save box full path should be display in the save text box. AddHeader "Content-Length", targetFile.

    WriteFile targetFile. End ; c: David October 19, NET Found this page and it helped! Great stuff. You can be God for the day. Mahalingam October 29, NET Great things to learn.

    But i want to refresh the page after a file is downloaded , what should i do? From what I read, this would require me to use the Response. TransmitFile which assumes that there's already an existing file. How do I save this file to the server and delete it once I used the transmitfile?

    I've tried using this code: TransmitFile filepath Response. End File. Delete filepath Since the response has ended it wouldn't step to the "File. Delete filepath " code although it displays a dialog box.

    I've also tried placing the "File. Delete filepath " before the response. What I need is for the the dialog box to prompt so I can save the file to my local drive and delete the copy saved to the server. Thanks in advance! NET I had written a code which downloads the file, in the best of manner, now the problem i face is a bit different.

    After the download is completed, i want to redirect the user to some other page. How can i do this? Dhanapal November 13, NET i need popup window action.

    Gokul Raj November 20, NET Response. TransmitFile is adding the. Do you have any idea how to turn off the culture getting embeded in the content. Thanks in advance. Bhavnik Gajjar November 22, NET Hi all, I'm facing a very strange problem.

    We have a zip file to be downloaded from the server. The code works correctly in most of the machines. But, on our staging server, when the file is downloaded and saved to the local disk, somehow it gets corrupted. Any idea why this happens. Vegetarian Seahorse November 29, NET Good evening, Is it possible that the save-as dialog box automatically bids on an e-bay item when the user clicks save? But only if they click with their left finger just kidding: D Thanks for your blog.

    Ramesh November 30, NET Hi All, After downloading file my browser seems to be stop,the upadte buttona nd download links r not woring.

    I am using this code Response. BinaryWrite objEmployeeLeave. FileAttatch ; Response. Flush ; Any can help me plz.. Jason December 10, Why RegisterStartupScript doesn't work, but putting the js in the button itself does, is another Microsoft mystery. I found that changing one of the security settings in IE7 for the internet zone Downloads--prompt user to download worked, but asking non-technical users to change their IE settings would have been problematic to say the least.

    Thanks again. NET hi, i'm using transmitfile to open the file. The file is placed at remote server. If i try to download with localhost its working fine but if i tried same with my machine ip it opens a blank file. Please help. Praveen December 16, I am having a scenario where users saves a form and gets all those values in a PPT file. This PPT file is getting flushed to the same window.

    I wanted it to flush it into a new window. I even did that using form. How can I close this new window?

    how to create pdf file in

    I am using IE 6. Thanks for your time.. DrGreenSticky December 18, NET Thank you, Rick! This was an excellent article!!! I appreciate all that you do. Jeez, I can't believe all the people on here who are asking for free help How else are you going to learn?

    Scott M December 18, Alex G December 19, Mobile devices Hello, I've used code like the one in the article several times over the years and worked great, however I've recently stumbled on a more particular problem: They seem to completely ignore the "content-disposition" header and it'll save the file with the name in the request path.

    Does anyone know a work-around for this? Thanks, Alex. Gene December 19, NET Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. NET Hi all, I need one help regarding download file. I am using showModalDialog insted of window. I am able to save tat generated xml file, but i am not able to open that xml file in that perticular window.

    I need any one solution out of these 2, either open button disable or open tat perticular xml file in that window.

    Downloading a File with a Save As Dialog in - Rick Strahl's Web Log

    Alex G December 20, Mobile devices I've found a work-around, for anyone who's interested: The request should contain the desired filename, e. Hope it helps someone: Ashok December 27, I need to get the path of the folder,even the person is selecting file or not using fileupload control.. Thanks in advance Ashok. Xabatcha January 02, NET Hi there, I went through your interesting article.

    It tells a lot but I am facing some other strange problem with downloading file. I used both approaches TransferFile The strange thing is that it works but only for second time when client ask for a file.

    More precisly: Not sure by who, by server or client? Fiddler just tells me that first attempt was cancelled by Server or Client. Does anyone had theis issue before? Any suggestion helps. Xabatcha xabatcha at gmail ;-. Simon Xin January 10, NET Hi rick, we store small a zip file in dataset in the session and output when users click on the link, but sometimes they cannot download the file correctly. Internet Explorer cannot download from No such interface supported what is going on there??

    Write imageRow. Length ; Response. Alv January 13, Rick Strahl January 14, NET Alv - you can't return more than one output from an HTTP request so if you need to download multiple files you have to combine them in some way like a Zip file. One Http response - one output.

    NET I have tried your codes and i can successfully do the download part for picture.. However i need it now to download a text file..

    Prashant Vedpathak January 15, Hi Mr Rick, First of all thanks for ur explanation. It really helped me in my Project. But my problem goes one step further. Instead of showing the client the first window containing Open,Save,Cancel,More info buttons and then after clicking on the Save button; the Save as dialog box appears right. I need to show directly that Save as dialog box as soon as Button is hit.

    I have tried it a bit. Could u help me in. It will really get me going further in my project work. Reply ASAP Bye n Thankx Prash. Sneha January 16, NET Hi , I have gone to your code. It would be help ful if i get a complete code of it.

    Thanks Sneha. Prashant Vedpathak January 17, NET Place this code in ur button click event: End ; and that's it. This is the required i suppose. Find ur file by Server. Mappath and attach it to this. Mr Rick had stated the same procedure; nothing more to add. Its simple Thanks to Rick.

    Thanks Prashant. Denver Mike January 26, Glad you made it home okay! That's all fine, but when the user clicks the Information Bar and then "Download File If the user tries to download again, the download works fine. I understand that if the user sets the "Automatic prompt" to Enable under File Downloads, they can avoid the Information bar, but my real question is, why doesn't the initial download work after choosing "Download File Transmit file.

    Any suggestion on how to get IE to actually transmit the file the first time the user hits "Download File"? Denver Mike. Briankorobele January 28, Downloading a File from database using C hello Guys I am new in this world of programming ,this site is really hot and fun I have found so many solution for my projects.

    Text ; cmd. Now ; cmd. ExecuteNonQuery ; lblMsg. ExecuteReader ; dr. Read ; Response. Write byte[] dr["attachment"], 0, int dr[""] ; Response. AddHeader "Content-Length", file. WriteFile Filename ; Response.

    Message; cnn. Santosh Singh February 07, Could anyone please tell me How to open "Save as dialog box " in mobile. Jay February 13, GetEncoding "iso". Write a, 0, Convert. ToInt32 a. ClearContent ; Response. ClearHeaders ; Response. Write objMemoryStream. GetBuffer , 0, Convert. ToInt32 objMemoryStream. Flush ; but instead of getting the actual file name iam getting the aspx page. Larry Smith February 13, NET Rick, Great article. I have a slight twist on this.

    I need to download an mp3 from a remote url in IE6. IE7 works by simply adding the following: Read buffer, 0, buffer.

    Length ; memoryStream. NET Ok.


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